The Youth Employment Readiness Program (YERP) is an amazing 2 phase employment program. YERP is offered in continuous intakes throughout the year - at 30 hours per week, with minimum wage stipend for training and current employer subsidy of $6720 for 16 weeks. Funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Phase No. 1- In Class Training

The first phase is 9 weeks of intensive personal/career development, job search, and employment skills training sessions along work assignments to prepare for employment.

You will learn basics of self-marketing/promotion; job search strategies and communications; along workplace skills such as: 

This training phase focuses on individuals within a team context with guidance/coaching by facilitators. Participants will learn about themselves - strengths and weaknesses - to overcome weaknesses and capitalize on strengths for lasting employment and/or further education. Real change is only possible through honest personal assessment and goal setting. This phase includes production of a personal plan, based on honest self-evaluation. This is a paid 9 week phase, leading to meaningful employment.

Phase No. 2 - Work Placement

The second phase is 16 weeks of full-time work placement.

In Phase II, YERP participants transition into a full-time, paid work placement for 30 hours a week over four months. You will learn how to thrive and succeed at work with coaching and support from YERP program staff, based on your personal success plan and established goals. It's a chance to prove how indispensable you are to the employer through hard work, attention to detail, organizational and communications skills.

Learn how to not only meet expectations, but how to exceed! It's an opportunity to: 

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YERP is sponsored by Interconnection Research International Ltd, funded in part by the Government of Canada.

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