What do I wear to an interview for YERP?

Dress for how you would go to any job interview – no sweats, ripped up jeans, logo
wear, for example. Dress for the job you want.

Is this for real?!?! Sounds too good to be true..

Yes, YERP is for real, and has been real since it started in 2009, with real results of over
93% of participants obtaining meaningful work, going to post-secondary education,
into an apprenticeship, or a combination of work and schooling. The program is
funded in part by the Government of Canada, in partnership with Interconnection Research
International Ltd., a Durham-based company.

Seriously, we get paid to take part in YERP?!? How does that work?

In the first phase of nine weeks, participants in YERP are paid, like a job, for
completing assigned work tasks focused on personal and career development, and a
life plan, as well as engaging in targeted job search activities toward obtaining a
subsidized work placement.
Then, in the second phase, YERP provides subsidy money to your employer to cover
employment and training costs – in partnership with the employer. You work hard
to keep your job.

Do I have to attend every day in the first phase of nine weeks?

Yes, you have to attend every day, and participate fully in seminars of group and
individual activities toward personal/career development and job search.

What are work assignments? Are they mandatory?

Work assignments are researched and written to help you with personal and career
development, and form a life plan, including SMART goals and objectives to benefit
you for one to five years. They are not optional, and are treated like any work
assignment you would have in the workplace; if work is not completed to
specification and deadline your stipend is deducted.

What happens if I get sick and can’t attend sessions?

There are no sick or personal days, as this phase goes so quickly you can’t afford to
miss sessions. Two days without documentation are allowed, but after that, you will
need to get a doctor’s note.

Can I take a vacation while in YERP?

No. As the first phase of the program is only nine weeks, and that goes FAST, you
may not take a vacation. Something to consider when you are applying for YERP –
perhaps a later intake would be more suitable if already have a vacation booked.

Is YERP like school?

While you attend sessions and work together on common learning goals, YERP is
not school. There are no marks or people chasing you to get work done. It’s treated
like a workplace.

Do you get me a job?

Although we are here to teach you how to research and conduct job search, opendoors, find leads, and help negotiate a contract, no we do not find you a job. We are here to help you every step of the way through the first phase. But ultimately you will engage in your own job search based on a plan for your individual job or career goals. You are accountable for putting in 110% effort in finding a placement.

Where will I work for work placement? Will I be put in a burger joint or call

The work placement you get will depend on your educational level and work
experience, as well as transferrable skills you have from previous employment,
volunteer work, or applied projects in post-secondary education. We work with you
to obtain a job in your field or desired career path as much as possible – a lot
depends on how hard you work and apply yourself to your job search plan. Of
course, if you want to work at these places, we will help you negotiate that.