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Looking for enthusiastic, mature young workers? Ready-trained in customer service, teamwork, communication, and more? We have your next outstanding employee - with a subsidy for his/her probationary period! All our participants are ready, eager, and willing to work...YERP participants have relevant talent, education, and transferrable skills - and a can-do attitude that fits perfectly for your next hire. Our participants are young adults ready to apply their skills, experience, and education to enhance your bottom line, customer service, operations, production, and more specialized tasks or responsibilities. YERP's further training in relevant business skills and organizational behaviour ensures a much better fitting employee who can hit the ground running, with some direction and training from you. Each iteration of our program is adjusted to the needs of participants and employers - and in keeping with current market and business trends and directions.

The wage reimbursement, funded in part by the Government of Canada, covers minimum wage for 30 hours per week for 16-weeks totalling $7200. The goal is continued employment.


We're not a school or social services program. YERP is run by business owners and entrepreneurs just like you, sharing your concerns about hiring just the right person for the job!

YERP provides over 800 hours of intensive training in customer service, conflict resolution, problem-solving, project planning and management (planning, logistics, financial management, etc.), event planning, marketing, sales, customer retention, business planning, budgeting, Internet research, social media for business, business communications, report and minutes writing, time management, presentation skills, community liaison, networking...and more.

We regularly consult with employers like you to ensure our program is continually adapted to the emerging needs of the workplace, to provide training for skills you expect in an outstanding employee. As our partner in the Youth Employment Readiness Program, we will work closely with you to provide one-on-one coaching and training of your participant employee to ensure a good fit in your business for years to come.

Since COVID-19, youth unemployment is a problem at 16.7% across Canada. Youth unemployment is over 18.1% in the GTA -- and yet, this generation is the most highly educated and trained of all, with the creativity, education, training, and enthusiasm to contribute greatly to Durham Region's (and Canada's) business success and innovation. 

As business owners ourselves, we are appalled at how much young talent is going to waste - and choose to give back in this program to improve the dismal youth employment situation through direct action. Youth unemployment is almost DOUBLE the overall rate in the Region. This number doesn't account for the many youth who do not meet the requirements of EI, or the ones who have given up trying to find work. The actual number of unemployed youth skews higher than current youth unemployment figures.

By hiring a participant for regular (non-contract) employment - you are contributing to the improvement of our society and economy.

By the time a YERP participant arrives as your place of work, he or she will have had extensive one-on-one coaching and mentorship, as well as concurrent, relevant skills training for a successful transition into your business.

We're looking for partners like you for lasting career opportunities for as many youth as we can help. The journey of a thousand miles (to improve our economy and society) begins with the first step. 

Talk to us about how we can help you to support young workers. 

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905 449 6455

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